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Family life
Discuss anything related to family life here. Maybe you want to discuss a non disabled sibling or maybe your having relationship issues and want to let off some steam then this is the place.
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Bargain Buys
A new forum added by poular demand. Share the bargains you have found online or in store or share any discount codes you have come across. Mayeb you have come across an online sale or some freebies then post them here
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General Talk
Discuss anything here. Maybe the weather or just whats on the television then this is the place
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In the News
Here we will highlight all the latest news that affects all parents of disabled children. Maybe changes in Disability living allowance or blue badge news,anything related to a child's disability will be posted here.
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Oliver Rusden
Notice Board
Have you got an event to mention or do you run a support group in your area? This is the place to post all new events and groups and please feel free to include any you know of.
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Special needs and disabled children days out and holiday destinations
A new section for you to review days out and holidays from the viewpoint of a parent with a special needs child. Maybe the facilities were fantastic or need improvement? Share your views on the days out across the United Kingdom.
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Special needs items for sale or wanted or seen
Do you have some special needs equipment that is no longer used and would like to either swap this or sell it on or maybe list it as a freebie to help others then this is the place. Maybe you want a particular item and dont know where to find it then ask the community and see if anybody can help. Maybe you have seen some special needs equipment on the internet and want to share it with other members then this is the place
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