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Becoming a member
In order to post on this forum, you have to be a registered member.
To register please click here

Managing your profile

The first thing you should do is edit your profile and edit this to make it personal to you.
The User control panel (User CP) is at the top of this page,please click on this to edit your profile.
You can:

- A signature that will show on each of your posts
- Your email notification preferences
- Private messaging preferences.
- Upload an Avatar - an Avatar is a picture that shows next to your user name when you post. There is a restriction on size

Note - you cannot change your username or your email address - this will make your account inactive. If you do wish to change either, please contact one of the moderators.

Making a new thread
To start a new topic, go to the forum you wish to post in.

Click on New Topic and enter text in the subject title and box below.

Once you have finished typing your post you can either preview it (particularly useful if you are including images) or submit.

Replying to a message

You can reply to a topic by clicking on it and press reply.
You can then enter the text you want using a different subject or leaving the default message.

Private message feature
This forum has a private messaging feature. At the top of the main page it will show you whether you have any new messages. To get to your inbox you click on this link and from there you can read your messages and send messages to other members from here.

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