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Direct Payments are a way of arranging social care services for disabled children and young people and their families. A person with parental responsibility for a disabled child is given money to pay for the service instead of the local council arranging that service on their behalf.

This guide has been written for people with parental responsibility for disabled children who are considering using direct payments to purchase part or all of the services required by their child, including employing carers, purchasing equipment or local services.

This guide has been written to take readers step by step through the employment process and to ensure that they are aware of all the pitfalls. It also aims to make sure parents employ the best person and use the best services for their child.

More information on Direct Payments

Advertising and Shortlisting
Checks and References
Contracts and Agreements
Pay, National Insurance, tax and insurance
Choosing a service and buying equipment
Job description for a personal assistant
Person profile for a personal assistant
Interview Questions
Application form for a personal assistant
Sample contract for a personal assistant
Further sources of information
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