Forum Announcement: If you come across spam or offensive content
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Just a reminder to users on the website if you come across posts that are simply promoting a product and nothing else then please do let us know.
When i say promoting a product i dont mind if one of members says i use this product or have you tried this product.
But if you come across a post that is blantant spam by a new member or one with very few posts then please report the post.

You will see a button on the post near to the reply button which reads "REPORT" please click this and it will bring another screen up which will ask for a reason please complete that and submit it and it comes to me and the moderators on the forum to take the required action.

You can also use the report button if you ever see an argument or comment on the forum that needs looking at.

Please please please take the time to report things if they fit into the above as it ensures we can remove content straight away.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this.